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Traders Choice FX prides itself on superior customer service that is conducted on an individual basis. Chat Now

Get paid to trade!

When dealing with the Forex market it is imperative to have every possible resource on your side.

TradersChoiceFX is a complimentary service that will substantially enhance your trading success.

Our forex rebate program alone will improve your trading by providing you with a cash bonus with every single lot that you trade at one of our approved forex dealing firms.

This additional revenue stream is vital to your Forex trading longevity. Best of all not one penny comes out of your pocket to benefit from this revolutionary service. Here is how it works.

When trading forex you pay the bid/ask spread to your dealing firm in order to facilitate your trades. As you know this is the cost of trading Forex. Fortunately, because we are compensated by the dealing firms for referring customers to them, we pay you back a portion of your cost on a monthly basis.

By using TradersChoiceFX as your introducing broker you will receive a cash bonus as high as $5 for every single standard lot you trade at one of our diligently researched and approved Forex dealers. This is a win, win situation!

There are many more benefits of using TradersChoiceFX as your Forex introducing broker.


"TradersChoiceFX has been helping the Golden Gate Forex group (over 300 traders) for over 2 years. TradersChoiceFX 's in-depth trading knowledge and professional, courteous service enables our group to receive the best forex trading arrangements."

Frank O'Connor, President of the Golden Gate Forex Group San Francisco California

"TradersChoiceFX has been a professional and reliable service for me and my entire trading club. They made our account opening process a breeze with phenomenal service. Great service and bonuses to trade sign me up!"

Lynne Faulkner , Seattle Washington

"TradersChoiceFX is the best Metatrader 4 broker that I have dealt with so far. They have a superb MT4 tutorial, great execution and they even give cash incentives to clients. As a full time trader they make the broker aspect easy for me."

Jonathan McGrath, CEO Prime Analytical Trading, San Diego California

"I have been with TradersChoiceFX since April 2008. When I was just googling around the internet for forex brokers, at first glance I thought it was too good to be true that they're actually going to give me back some money for every trade that I take. But after knowing the fact that I really don't have anything to lose using them, I decided to sign up through them to open a FX trading account with one of the brokers that they're working with.

This is where the first surprise comes in, TradersChoiceFX's customer service is way past excellent! They guided me throughout the entire process and when I have a question, they normally respond to my email in less than 24hours. So ok, customer service surpassed my expectations, now I was waiting to see if their integrity is up to my expectation.

Then came my second surprise after approximately 45 trading days since I started trading my new account that was opened through TraderschoiceFX, I got my first commission payment in my Paypal account!! So they really pay back some money for every trade that I take and so far I've gotten my rebates twice already on time. I have been a FX trader for over 3 years now, and it is only now through TradersChoiceFX that I'm actually getting rebates everytime I open a trade. Now I have a total of 4 trading accounts opened through TradersChoiceFX and I'm getting rebates on ALL 4 accounts!

I would recommend everyone to use TradersChoiceFX, so I rate them 10 out of 10 for customer service, integrity and every other rating that is there. Straight 10 out of 10!! Keep up the good work TradersChoiceFX, I am a very happy client!"

Vincent, From jamaica

Why do traders choose Traders Choice FX?

TradersChoiceFX is a full-service
  Introducing Brokerage with over
  20 solid years of professional
  trading experience

TradersChoiceFX offers you its
  services as a loyal, trusted
  advocate to help you overcome
  the problems and pitfalls
  associated with selecting a
  reputable broker

TradersChoiceFX will find you
  a broker who gives you fair
  service and lets you trade freely
  and successfully

TradersChoiceFX is also a
  great choice for
  institutional FX businesses,
  including money managers, IB's,
  service providers and other FCM's
  looking for help growing their FX
  businesses exponentially

TradersChoiceFX understands
  your need for quality in your
  business, and can assist you in
  your choice of platform, prime
  brokerage, and dealing firm,
  among other Forex trading needs

Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. While you can earn a cash bonus,
you can also lose money due to the inherent risk of trading. Read full disclosure.

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