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The dealing firms we work with must meet our rigorous criteria. By working with us you are able to access an in depth review of every dealing firm to be certain that it is custom fit to your trading needs.

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BGCFX Review

Wholesale brokering by experts for institutions and top traders only!

Whether fund manager, money manager, bank or intermediate customer, BGCFX offers a massive selection of brokering services tailored specifically to YOUR needs

Dear institutional trader,
If you've been searching for a one-stop wholesale brokerage to handle your margined online currency trading...


If you've been looking to get involved in wholesale off exchange currency (Forex) trading on a margin basis, but haven't previously had the opportunity...


You've got the experience and know-how to handle online currency trading on a major scale...

Then please read on.

BGC now offers you full-service wholesale brokering for trading the highly liquid off exchange foreign currency market with its new BGCFX online trading platform

Attention: Trading in margined products carries a high degree of risk and is not suitable for all investors. The gearing or leverage available means that a relatively small movement in price can lead to proportionally large losses or gains. Consequently you may lose more than your initial deposit. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved prior to opening an account and seek expert advice if necessary.

Now you can trade hundreds of currency pairs on margin - from the AUD/USD to the USD/ZAR - and everything in between

BGCFX allows you the conveniences of trading spot, forward fx, fx options, financial futures and precious metals transactions...

Twenty four hours a day.

All carried out on their Internet dealing platform (BGCFX) - a high-end Web-based platform offering instant execution on live tradeable prices.

In addition, BGCFX offers you:

FREE news and charts incorporated into the dealing platform to help you
  analyze the market and let you trade from a single terminal

Competitive spot FX dealing spreads available for trading live. These are
  automatically executed with no dealer intervention

Forward deals transactable up to 1 year forward from the dealing interface
  in a live environment

Live on-line back office, with detail on a trade-by-trade basis showing P+L,
  account balance and much more

Optional deal desk to assist you with your trading decisions

Additionally, BGCFX offers highly competitive margin rates, typically starting at 2%.

And opening a margined Forex trading account for select individual traders has never been as viable as it is now. If you're classified as an Intermediate Customer and have been waiting for your opportunity to become involved in this massively leveraged and exciting financial field, then you need to ACT NOW. Sign Up Now

FX Instructor

Access to a professionally ran 12 hour per day trading room, superior one on one mentorship and proprietary trading strategies all at no cost just by opening and funding an account through Traders Choice FX with the broker of your choice. Learn More

Why do traders choose Traders Choice FX?

TradersChoiceFX is a full-service
  Introducing Brokerage with over
  20 solid years of professional
  trading experience

TradersChoiceFX offers you its
  services as a loyal, trusted
  advocate to help you overcome
  the problems and pitfalls
  associated with selecting a
  reputable broker

TradersChoiceFX will find you
  a broker who gives you fair
  service and lets you trade freely
  and successfully

TradersChoiceFX is also a
  great choice for
  institutional FX businesses,
  including money managers, IB's,
  service providers and other FCM's
  looking for help growing their FX
  businesses exponentially

TradersChoiceFX understands
  your need for quality in your
  business, and can assist you in
  your choice of platform, prime
  brokerage, and dealing firm,
  among other Forex trading needs

Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. While you can earn a cash bonus,
you can also lose money due to the inherent risk of trading. Read full disclosure.

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