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Things Just Got Easier

February 25th, 2011

Hi Guys,

I've got some very exciting news for you.


Because of our strong relationship with GAIN Capital, FXCM, and FX Solutions, you can now get trade rebates paid directly into your Forex account.


As you may know, GAIN Capital, FXCM, and FX Solutions are top-tier Forex brokers. And smart traders everywhere know that getting top quality with the lowest cost is a key to maximizing your trading.


When trading Forex you'll need to pay the spread. This is simply the transaction cost that you pay in order to buy and sell currencies. However, when you open an account at one of these brokers through the TradersChoiceFX website, you'll actually get paid for every single trade you place. This helps to cut down your spread costs and gets you a cash bonus rebate every month!


And now with this new arrangement it means that instead of having your rebates paid into your Paypal or bank account you'll be able to get them deposited every month right into your trading account. So, if you're from a country where Paypal isn't allowed, or if you simply do not have a Paypal account, this will fix all of those issues. The rebates will now be paid right into your Forex account!


Imagine trading just 20 lots per month with a rebate of $5 per lot. That means you'll see a FREE deposit of $100 per month come right into your Forex account. Over the course of the year that's a total bonus of $1200 in complimentary cash.


This new process gets bonus cash into your account quicker than ever before, and cuts down on the head ache of having to transfer your rebates from one account to another. You'll see a bonus placed right into your Forex account for every month that you trade.


You can use these rebates to trade with immediately!


TradersChoiceFX is the only IB in the industry that has set up such a great arrangement for our clients.


To open an account at GAIN Capital, FXCM, or FX Solutions and start getting rebates paid directly into your trading account simply click the appropriate link below:


Open an account at GAIN Capital


Open an account at FXCM


Open an account at FX Solutions


If you're currently trading at GAIN, FXCM, or FX Solutions you can still take advantage of this exclusive offer. Simply contact for instructions on how to join our huge bonus program.


If you are currently using another rebate provider we will beat whatever your current rebate rate is! And we'll do something that we know the other rebate companies can't do pay the rebate directly into your account.


Another great aspect is that you will no longer have to get a 1099 tax form from TradersChoiceFX. Since the rebates are paid directly from the broker to you, this will definitely simplify your life when tax season comes!


GAIN, FXCM, and FX Solutions are three of the largest and most reputable Forex brokers in the industry. Here's just a sample of what you can expect:


- Trade your robot or manual system on a stable Metatrader platform


- Access tight spreads as low as 1 pip on the majors


- Enhance your trading with great education at zero cost


- Easily fund your account with a credit card


- Get complimentary VPS robot hosting with your account


Here is a brief comparison table of the 3 firms. All are great; simply choose what works best for you.


FX Brokers

Spreads *Under normal
market conditions
Floating 1-3 on EUR/USD Floating 1-3 on EUR/USD Fixed 3 on EUR/USD
Leverage *Maximum
US - 50:1
Non-US - 200:1
US - 50:1
Non-US - 200:1
US - 50:1
Non-US - 400:1
Platforms Metatrader 4
Strategy runner
Ninja Trader
Forex Trader
Metatrader 4
FXCM Trading Station
System Selector
Metatrader 4
Segregated Accounts
* This enhances safety of your funds
US: No
Non-US: Yes
US: No
Non-US: Yes
US: No
Non-US: Yes
Lot Size Standard, Mini, Micro Standard, Mini Standard, Mini, Micro
Minimum Deposit $500 $1000
exclusively through TCFX
Hedging US: No
Non-US: Yes
US: No
Non-US: Yes
US: No
Non-US: Yes
EAs Welcomed Most Most Most
Rebate Payment Method Directly into Account Directly into Account Directly into Account
Free Demo Account Open Free Demo Account Open Free Demo Account Open Free Demo Account
Open a Live Account Open Live Account Open Live Account Open Live Account


To take advantage of this brand new rebate payment process simply click the link below:


Open an account at GAIN Capital


Open an account at FXCM


Open an account at FX Solutions


If you have any questions at all please contact my team at or call 617-340-6606.

Happy Trading,


Alex Nekritin

Newsletter 11
Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Read full disclosure.