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Have an Edge in Forex with TradersChoiceFX Cash Back Volume Rebates

When you open your account at any of these popular brokers through TradersChoiceFX we will literally pay you cash for every single trade that you make. This innovative service costs you absolutely nothing and does not negatively affect your spread or any other trading conditions in any way…we guarantee it.

Sound too good to be true…it isn’t! We get paid by the brokers to bring them new business. We then take a large portion of what we get paid and pass it right along to you. You win, we win, and the broker gets a new client so they win too. Best part of all…we are the IB that can pay rebates DIRECTLY into your Forex Account. Start receiving your complimentary cash today by following the simple steps to your right!

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Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Read full disclosure.

*For offer terms and conditions, please visit .
** A dealing firm is compensated through the bid/ask spread. For more information on dealing firm spreads, click here.
*** For evidence of this claim, please visit
+For the month of November 2011, 99.09% of all orders were automatically executed. There is no guarantee that this percent will continue in the future.
++Although FX Solutions reserves the right to widen spreads without notice, the last time spreads were widened was February 2, 2009; NZD/USD widened from 5 to 7 pips.
^ Volume Rebates at FXDD are only available to customers that do not currently have a live account at FXDD. To be eligible for the rebates you must open your account using the form on this page or you must submit all FXDD account opening paperwork to us directly. Fax number 617-340-6612. Please contact for more information.
To view rebate terms and conditions, please click here.