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Benefits of Using an Introducing Broker

An Introducing Broker (IB) is essentially a customer catering company for Forex brokers. TradersChoiceFX is one of these IBs. We work to bring in new customers to the dealing firm, and in turn are paid for it. But how can this benefit you?

A huge loophole in the Forex Industry - UsingTradersChoiceFX to Get Paid

balanceWhen you open an account through we get a marketing fee from your Forex brokers. As mentioned earlier, this does NOT cost you anything. It also does NOT affect your spread in any way, or take away from any service that you get from your broker. You are simply opening your account on our site that's all.

We're paid by the Forex broker. In turn, we will actually pay you a portion of what we earn! This is an excellent way to cut down on your spreads and get a cash bonus each month simply for trading. Best of all it is completely free to you.

The FREE money goes right into your account every month. This can add up to really improve your trading by giving you an edge over the competition or simply provide you with some extra spending cash each month so you can go on that vacation you have always been dreaming about.

Take a look at the flowchart below to see just how simple this is.


This cash bonus, also called a rebate, can greatly enhance your trading. TradersChoiceFX does not charge you any extra money for this excellent service, it's completely free to you. For instance, TCFX does not add to the spreads in order to pay this referral fee.

Prove it!

So now you understand that TradersChoiceFX will actually pay you simply for trading. But can this really add up?

balanceLet's take a look at a quick example:

When you set up an account through TradersChoiceFX, you'll get paid as much as $5 for every lot you trade.

So let's say you trade just 10 lots per month.

With a $5 bonus, you'll get $50 every single month.

That's $600 per year in FREE CASH!

Naturally as a smart trader you can see how beneficial getting this bonus can be.

Just think, you have to use a dealing firm to place trades - TCFX can find the right firm for you. You need to pay the spread, no matter what broker you decide to use - why not receive a piece of that spread back on EVERY trade?

Since TCFX has been in the industry for several years we also have a great relationship with the brokers we work with. This can really pay off for you. We've even negotiated special deposit bonuses, free tools and education, and even VIP customer service. All of these benefits can enhance your trading.

There are many IBs out there, so it's important to stick with big, reputable firms. Certain IB's do not have your best interests in mind and push you to make more trades so that their profits can increase. They are not as concerned with your success and longevity in the market.

balanceTradersChoiceFX has been in the IB business for several years now, and our main goal is to add significant value to a client's trading. As a client of TCFX, you can expect to be paired up with the broker that best fits your needs and trading style. As discussed earlier, choosing the right broker is half the battle, of which TCFX can fight for you. On top of that, TCFX will put cash in your pocket at the same time in order to help you get to your goals of trading success.

Clearly now you can see that in Forex trading transaction costs can quickly add up. TradersChoiceFX can save you a ton on your transaction costs which is a key step towards the lucrative trading career you are looking for.

Forex Broker Reviews   Forex Broker Reviews
Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. While you can earn a cash bonus,
you can also lose money due to the inherent risk of trading. Read full disclosure.

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