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balanceAnother very important aspect to look for in a broker is good customer service. First of all, and in most cases this is available, you need to make sure that the firm has 24 hour dealing support. You need to make sure that there is a customer support staff to assist you with withdrawals and deposits and any questions or issues.

Once again the bigger is better theme makes sense. If you are using a big firm, in most cases the customer support procedures have been thorough and developed properly. In this case you will be taken care of most times.

One way to alleviate the customer service issue is work with a large IB like TCFX. To an IB, customers are everything since they do not need to worry about the dealing end of the market. A large IB usually can take care of the problem for you or direct you to someone in the dealing firm that can. Also because a large introducing broker (IB) brings in large aggregate volume the dealing firm (FDM) will go out of their way for the clients of the IB because if the clients are treated poorly the IB will pick up all the clients and leave.

So using the right IB is definitely a huge plus when it comes to customer service. Working with TradersChoiceFX never costs you extra and you get added value that you would not get by going to the FDM directly.

Forex Broker Reviews   Forex Broker Reviews
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