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Traders Choice FX prides itself on superior customer service that is conducted on an individual basis.


1. Is Traders Choice FX a Forex broker?

2. Who holds my funds when I use Traders Choice FX?

3. Is Traders Choice FX and NCMFX, Inc. the same company?

4. How does your service differ from other Forex Introducing Brokers?

5. Do you work with multiple Forex dealing firms and platforms?

6. Why do you work with multiple Forex dealing firms and platforms?

7. Do you offer automated trading?

8. How is Traders Choice FX (NCMFX, INC.) compensated?

9. Will customer service, execution, pricing remain the same by using Traders Choice FX as my IB?

10. How can I lower my transaction costs by using Traders Choice FX as my IB?

11. What is the benefit of using an IB over going to the dealing firm directly?

12. What is my current commission rate by using you? Does it differ from the commission rate I would receive by trading directly at a clearing firm?

13. What is an introducing broker?

14. I am new to forex where can I learn some basic information?

15. Can I come under the Traders Choice FX rebate program without switching my account to another dealing firm?

16. How do I come under Traders Choice FX if I have not opened an account yet?

17. Where do I send my account opening paperwork?

18. How do I fund my account?

19. How do I sign up for Traders Choice FX' Bonus Program?

20. How much does it cost to join the 'Forex Bonus Program'?

21. Can I collect rebates from more than one account, even if they are at different dealing firms*?

22. How much will I receive for a rebate each month?

23. How do I receive my rebates each month?

24. How do I get Free eSignal?

25. Can I still collect rebates with an account that has already been opened and traded?

26. What's the difference between a demo and live trading account?

27. Where do I get my username and password for my MT4 platform Demo?

28. How do I get in touch with you?

Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. While you can earn a cash bonus,
you can also lose money due to the inherent risk of trading. Read full disclosure.

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