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Prop Traders

Traders Choice FX Proprietary Trading Program! Do you want to trade for us?

Traders Choice FX deals with all types of customers. Some are looking for managed accounts. If you are having consistently successful results as a trader and need more capital to get up and running, Traders Choice FX allows you the opportunity to manage investor's money.

Hundreds of people each month come to us looking to take advantage of the opportunity in the forex markets by opening a managed account. If your performance meets our proprietary criteria you will join our list of forex managers and we will raise capital for your trading program.

In order to qualify for the Traders Choice FX proprietary trading program you will need to open an account through us with the broker of your choice. We can provide you with a volume rebate on your trades right away so this is a no loose situation. Once the account is set up we will conduct an interview about your style and determine the criteria that you will have to meet to become a Traders Choice FX approved manager.

For more information please contact us at: 617-340-6606 or use Live Chat.

Here are some advantages of teaming up with Traders Choice FX:

Provide your clients access to
  multiple clearing firms and get
  paid from 1 place.

Let us handle your back office.

Let us handle your
  commission's collection.

Let us sell for you to your

Our superior managed accounts.

Let us set you up with a turnkey
  operation including website
  development and marketing,
  lead generation, superior
  products to offer, superior
  clearing relationships, and
  superior managed accounts.

Receive higher IB
  compensation than you would
  by going to FCM's direct because
  of our aggregate volume.

Superior Liquidity line for FCM's,
  Hedge funds and CTA's.

Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. While you can earn a cash bonus,
you can also lose money due to the inherent risk of trading. Read full disclosure.

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