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Forex Analysis

CMC Analyst Reports

CMC Markets was just ranked #1 by FX Week for their Currency Forecast 1-Month Report.

As part of our commitment to educate our clients and inform them of breaking and ongoing market developments, we are proud to announce that Ashraf Laidi CMC Markets' Chief FX Analyst, provides this top ranked information to Trader's Choice FX Clients that have an account open at CMC at no cost.

Meet the Analyst: Ashraf Laidi, Chief FX Analyst at CMC Markets, oversees the analysis and forecasting functions of key currency pairs as well as decisions and trends of the major global central banks.

Prior to joining CMC, Mr. Laidi has worked for such varied organizations as the United Nations, the World Bank, and Reuters. Mr. Laidi regularly provides expert opinion to various electronic, print and the broadcast media outlets.

Mr. Laidi has appeared regularly on CNBC - TV, Bloomberg TV, the BBC and PBS' Nightly Business Report. His insights also appear in the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, The New York Times, CBS Marketwatch,, Futures Magazine and a host of other international publications.

Trader's Choice clients will receive this service for free when they trade a live account using the CMC Markets platform.

Here's What You Get:

Daily FX Strategy is a morning report that alerts clients of the
  day's essential economic/market events and indicators, assessing
  the likelihood of their occurrence and the FX implications of these
  events. The Daily FX Strategy Report not only keeps our clients
  informed of evolving macroeconomic conditions, but also produces
  actionable trading ideas and analysis.

Post-Data Analysis is sent to clients to explain the latest price
  developments in currencies following market-moving data
  releases, interest rate decisions and unforeseen events impacting
  the markets. This analysis seeks to keep the trader abreast of the
  ongoing dynamics in the currency market.

Market-Based Seminars are monthly presentations that tie the
  nuts and bolts of FX trading into the dynamic aspects of currency
  markets. These include: i) assessing and analyzing economic
  releases; ii) interpreting central banks action; iii) keeping abreast
  of stock, bond and major commodity markets; and iv) monitoring
  geopolitical events. Rather than regurgitating the basics of
  currency markets, CMC Markets' market-based seminars help
  clients adapt their strategies to the evolving market landscape.

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Regulated By: CFTC & NFA
Leverage: 100:1
Pip Spread on Majors: 2-12
Regular Account Size: $2000
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Forex Capital Markets, LLC - FXCM Technical Analyzer

The Technical Analyzer provides trading signals based on three different methods: Japanese candlestick charts, market momentum changes, and traditional support and resistance levels. Both Japanese candlestick charts and market momentum changes are useful in predicting reversals in market direction. Traditional support and resistance lines are great tools for trading trending markets. Combining these three approaches together is intended to create an incredibly powerful and predictive tool.

The Technical Analyzer is actively updated as the market moves, with updates occurring dozens of times a day. While many services update their recommendations once a day or once per market session, the trading ideas from the Technical Analyzer are fresh and actionable.

The Technical Analyzer is more than a bunch of computer code. There are human market technicians behind every trading idea. While programmers are getting better at copying human decision making abilities, they are not perfect - particularly in understanding how to apply the right set of technical analysis rules to analyze a particular market.

The Technical Analyzer is completely transparent in how it develops trading ideas, as well as entry and exit points. With every trading idea, there is a chart of the currency pair with technical lines full drawn and an explanation of the trade. Even if you don't use the trade, the analysis behind the trade is available for your benefit.

The FXCM Technical Analyzer is Free to all Trader's Choice FX customers that use the FXCM platform with a live account.

Regulated By: NFA (ID#0308179), FSA, CFTC
Leverage: 200:1*
Pip Spread on Majors: Typically 3-5 pips on the majors
Mini Account Size: $300
Regular Account Size: $2,000
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Demo Account: Open FXCM Demo Account

Forex Capital Markets, LLC - FXCM Signal Service

Using Buy/Sell Signals to Exploit the New Forex Market
The Buy/Sell Signals system is the only trading tool designed specifically for today's range-bound forex market. In constructing the system, the FXCM Research Group incorporated those technical indicators that have demonstrated the highest reliability in pinpointing currencies with a natural tendency to move back and forth inside price channels for weeks and sometimes months at a time.

Traders Will Receive
A computer-generated automatic signal system, Buy-Sell Signals alert you as to which currency pair is in ranging mode, with

Clear, unambiguous trade ideas-for short, medium and long-term strategies; Real-time entry and exit points to aid you in buying at support and selling at resistance; Precise stop/limit levels.

Another advantage of a range-bound trading strategy is that it offers more trading opportunities for any trading schedule. Almost always one or another currency pair is in a ranging market. And since Buy-Sell Signals are updated continually around the clock, you can find trade ideas on your own time schedule, and remote control your trading with built-in stops and limits.

The FXCM Range Market Signal service is Free to all Trader's Choice FX customers that use the FXCM platform with a live account. Please click here to sign up:

Regulated By: NFA (ID#0308179), FSA, CFTC
Leverage: 200:1*
Pip Spread on Majors: Typically 3-5 pips on the majors
Mini Account Size: $300
Regular Account Size: $2,000
Broker Review: Read Broker Review
Live Account: Open FXCM Live Account
Demo Account: Open FXCM Demo Account

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