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If you would like to learn how to improve your trading success by receiving cash from us just by opening your account with the forex dealer of your choice and placing trades than please read on.


By trading with us you will have access to numerous charting packages normally worth thousands of dollars per year at no cost. We have arranged special deals with numerous Forex Clearing Firms to supply you with various charting tools that will make you a more successful trader. Best of all you can get these tools for free just by opening your forex account.

We will tell you what trading platforms have superior charting capabilities already built in. On top of that we have arrangements in place with numerous clearing firms to go above and beyond and set you up with even more enhanced charting packages for Free.

Here is what you get for free just by trading through Traders Choice FX:

GAIN eSignal Advanced GET

ForexCharts by eSignal is a highly customized and professional level charting package built on the same infrastructure that powers all eSignal products. A $450 per year value, ForexCharts by eSignal is free of charge to all Trader's Choice FX clients that have a live account with GAIN Capital with at least $1000 on deposit. This package can be used as a data feed to any software that requires free eSignal including Metastock, Forex Made Easy and much much more.

ForexCharts by eSignal ForexCharts by eSignal is a complete charting package developed by the leading provider of real-time market information and award-winning products and services.

The ForexCharts by eSignal package provides indicators and drawing tools for trend analysis and to identify potential entry and exit points, and includes the following features:

Real time data feed powered by for the majors and
  several crosses

Composite data feed from Global Treasury Information Services,
  Inc. (GTIS), that provides a broad representation of the market
  as a whole

Line, bar and candlestick charts

More than 30 analytical studies

Page-saving system to organize charts and layouts, and more

ForexCharts by eSignal is free to all Trader's Choice FX clients who open and fund an account with Gain Capital valued at $1,000 or higher.*

Regulated By: NFA (ID#0339826), CFTC
Leverage: 100:1* and 200:1*
Pip Spread on Majors: 3/4 pip
Mini Account Size: $250
Regular Account Size: $2,500
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GAIN Auto Chartist - AutoChartistFX

AutoChartistFX combines traditional Technical Analysis with innovative web-based technology to bring you a revolutionary new trading tool.

AutoChartistFX continuously scans the market to identify Chart Patterns like Triangles, Channels, Head and Shoulders and Wedges and automatically alerts you to new trading opportunities.

Customize alert parameters based on currency pair, time interval, pattern type, pattern strength and more.

Currency pairs are monitored on various timescales for new pattern formations.

Ability to recognize patterns that are in the process of being formed - giving investors an early indication of where potential opportunities are forming.

Pop-up alerts provide real-time updates of new results in a non-intrusive manner, notifying the user but not interrupting their work.

Try AutoChartistFX At No Cost!

AutoChartistFX is is free to all Trader's Choice FX customers clients who open and fund an account with Gain Capital valued at $1,000 or higher.*

Open your account and receive eSignal Forex Charts for Free

Regulated By: NFA (ID#0339826), CFTC
Leverage: 100:1* and 200:1*
Pip Spread on Majors: 3/4 pip
Mini Account Size: $250
Regular Account Size: $2,500
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Forex Capital Markets, LLC - FXCM Technical Analyzer

The Technical Analyzer provides trading signals based on three different methods: Japanese candlestick charts, market momentum changes, and traditional support and resistance levels. Both Japanese candlestick charts and market momentum changes are useful in predicting reversals in market direction. Traditional support and resistance lines are great tools for trading trending markets. Combining these three approaches together is intended to create an incredibly powerful and predictive tool.

The Technical Analyzer is actively updated as the market moves, with updates occurring dozens of times a day. While many services update their recommendations once a day or once per market session, the trading ideas from the Technical Analyzer are fresh and actionable.

The Technical Analyzer is more than a bunch of computer code. There are human market technicians behind every trading idea. While programmers are getting better at copying human decision making abilities, they are not perfect - particularly in understanding how to apply the right set of technical analysis rules to analyze a particular market.

The Technical Analyzer is completely transparent in how it develops trading ideas, as well as entry and exit points. With every trading idea, there is a chart of the currency pair with technical lines full drawn and an explanation of the trade. Even if you don't use the trade, the analysis behind the trade is available for your benefit.

The FXCM Technical Analyzer is Free to all Trader's Choice FX customers that use the FXCM platform with a live account.

Regulated By: NFA (ID#0308179), FSA, CFTC
Leverage: 200:1*
Pip Spread on Majors: Typically 3-5 pips on the majors
Mini Account Size: $300
Regular Account Size: $2,000
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Unique Setups That We Offer Our Traders

Traders Choice FXSuperior Prime Brokerage

Traders Choice FXOver 10 Unique Platforms

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Traders Choice FXOver 10 Unique Dealing Firms

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Traders Choice FXRetail and Institutional
   ECN Models

Traders Choice FXMultiple MT4 Brokers

Traders Choice FXECN bank price feeds into
   Meta Trader that will enable
   retail traders to take advantage
   of institutional pricing
   and execution.

Traders Choice FXFixed or Variable FX Pip Spreads

Traders Choice FXAbility to Trade FX Options

Traders Choice FXSpreads as Tight as 0-2
   on Majors

Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. While you can earn a cash bonus,
you can also lose money due to the inherent risk of trading. Read full disclosure.

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