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GAIN Auto Chartist - AutoChartistFX

AutoChartistFX combines traditional Technical Analysis with innovative web-based technology to bring you a revolutionary new trading tool.

AutoChartistFX continuously scans the market to identify Chart Patterns like Triangles, Channels, Head and Shoulders and Wedges and automatically alerts you to new trading opportunities.

Customize alert parameters based on currency pair, time interval, pattern type, pattern strength and more.

Currency pairs are monitored on various timescales for new pattern formations.

Ability to recognize patterns that are in the process of being formed - giving investors an early indication of where potential opportunities are forming.

Pop-up alerts provide real-time updates of new results in a non-intrusive manner, notifying the user but not interrupting their work.

Try AutoChartistFX At No Cost!

AutoChartistFX is is free to all Trader's Choice FX customers clients who open and fund an account with Gain Capital valued at $1,000 or higher.*

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Regulated By: NFA (ID#0339826), CFTC
Leverage: 100:1 and 200:1
Pip Spread on Majors: 3/4 pip
Mini Account Size: $250
Regular Account Size: $2,500
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Why do traders choose Traders Choice FX?

TradersChoiceFX is a full-service
  Introducing Brokerage with over
  20 solid years of professional
  trading experience

TradersChoiceFX offers you its
  services as a loyal, trusted
  advocate to help you overcome
  the problems and pitfalls
  associated with selecting a
  reputable broker

TradersChoiceFX will find you
  a broker who gives you fair
  service and lets you trade freely
  and successfully

TradersChoiceFX is also a
  great choice for
  institutional FX businesses,
  including money managers, IB's,
  service providers and other FCM's
  looking for help growing their FX
  businesses exponentially

TradersChoiceFX understands
  your need for quality in your
  business, and can assist you in
  your choice of platform, prime
  brokerage, and dealing firm,
  among other Forex trading needs

Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. While you can earn a cash bonus,
you can also lose money due to the inherent risk of trading. Read full disclosure.

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